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Hi Everyone

We have come to the end of another season on the water,not very big fleets this year,but still a great time was had by all.

The AGM was held on the 1st June,a good turnout from members,we will get the new executive onto the website ASAP.

A meeting was held on Mon 2nd June to review Bruce Hylands suggestions for some changes to the raceing program,this was well attended and some positive changes are likely

The seasons results are below this article.

The annual golf tournament was held last weekend with 8 boats represented,Leda Ladies won the Leda trophy,with Team Leda 2nd and DC [Charls boat] 3rd,it was a great day and a lot of fun,have a look at the photo's in the gallery

We have put into the gallery photo's of this years prizegiving,last year it was mentioned that the names and a description  of the prize would be very helpful,so I have done this,but am sure to have made some mistakes,please let me know and I will correct them,or likewise if there is anything you would like added.

Thanks to Jo Silverthorn for her photo's and to Rob Goddard for his help with the website,Jo has taken on the job of producing the newsletters,so keep an eye out for some interesing articles,and some changes Jo would like to make to the website.

The Commodores report below is a full report of the season.

   Take care and winter well Cheers Kev



JUNE 2014
This is my last annual report as Commodore. 
I am sorry not to be present here at the AGM and apologise to you all for this. I thank Mike Norris for 
chairing the meeting on my behalf. My year as Commodore has been made rewarding with the great 
help of the committee and the continued input from many of the members.
It was with a sadness felt by not only me but shared with many others, both members and non-
members, that we farewelled Richard Macauley who passed away during the year. His input and 
vision for the Boat Shed will be very much missed, and he would be so pleased to see the increasing 
number of young sailors once again using these facilities.
Rear Commodore Racing – Mark Walker – has done a another great job this year. Apart from 
steering us through the season’s race programme with very few problems (not bad when you 
consider it covers 43 races) he organised the Club’s hosting of the Canterbury Champs; entries were 
down this year and the weather prevented a full day on the Sunday. The club also hosted the Young 
88 championships, six boats and good racing. Both trophies went back to Lyttelton .
Ross Millar our handicapper did a great job as he has done for years. Results show the good job he 
has done. Thankyou also to Jonny Bell and Kit Grigg for their assistance in the background.
Club Captain Kev Kerr has had a busy year right the way through the season, and the Canterbury 
Champs and Young 88 series added to this. With a good team on his sub-committee - Charl Chaney, 
Sue Kerr, Sue Wilson, Ruth Aitken, Roger Ropoama and Roger Montgomery - the bar and food has 
been well stocked.
Rear Commodore Jason de Vink (with help from Lara and a few dedicated parents) has done a great 
job with the youth sailing. Paid up junior members totalled 48 for the summer This has been a big 
job, thankyou to all of you. The sailing school purchased a new coaching/rescue boat with a very 
generous grant from Air Rescue Services.
 The season has been busy with on-water activities and social evenings at the AYC and also at the 
Golf Match
The annual golf tournament is on the 7th
 June, thanks to Al Bradford and Kev Kerr for arranging this.Our membership is still growing , but no new boats. I am encouraged by the interest from young 
children in the sport and we should all try to maintain this interest. A thankyou to all members who 
have helped around the club.
Our Race Sponsors this year are Oborns Nautical, Black Cat Cruises, Allied Trades Akaroa, Madeira 
Hotel, The Grand Hotel, Akaroa Dolphins, Bayleys Real Estate, Akaroa Butchery & Deli, Ca Bouge, 
and Mount Gay Rum. Fox and Associates sponsored the Canterbury Champs. Our programme is well 
supported by advertisers Oborns Nautical, World Travellers, BNS Design & Print Ltd. Bayleys Real 
Estate, Akaroa Butchery and Akaroa Auto Centre.
To our Patron Frank Dickson, thankyou for your help.
To the rest of the committee - Keith Molloy, Mike Norris, Howard Wilson, Brian Little, Patsy 
Little – thankyou. And thankyou Vice-Commodore Peter Guthrey for your efforts in standing in 
during my absence and reading results, raffles, and lending your time during our many telephone 
To our starter John Dampier-Crossley and assistant Lou Walker, this is a mammoth task every race 
day, thankyou both for a job well done.
To Simon Austin our executive secretary, a big thankyou. You are a big help to me as Commodore. 
And to Karen Shepherd, our auditor, thankyou for your efforts. This is a huge job to do on a 
voluntary basis in your own time.
Thankyou to all the members for helping to make this club a successful organisation and a place 
where we can all gain a lot of enjoyment and satisfaction.
Alex Aitken
June 2014
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